Frenectomy Information

Did you just learn of the word “frenectomy?”

Perhaps your lactation consultant or pediatrician has suggested your baby or toddler might need one.

Although it can be frightening anytime someone suggests your child needs a surgical procedure, no matter how simple, frenectomies are more common than you might think.

A frenectomy is an operation to cut an extra flap of tissue or fiber that occurs in some babies, limiting the range of motion of their tongue or lips. The condition is often referred to as “tongue-tie,” but the clinical name is Ankyloglossia.

Reasons a Baby or Toddler Might Need a Frenectomy

  • The baby cannot latch or does not latch easily when nursing.
  • The nursing mother is suffering from breast swelling, clogged ducts, bleeding, or flattened nipples.
  • A toddler or young child is experiencing difficulty chewing solid food, or is developing a lisp.
  • Later in life speech problems and growth development problems can occur.

Up until recently, a frenectomy was an operation that required cutting and stitches. Often, the baby would need to be anesthetized.

Today, Laser Frenectomy is a quick, painless procedure requiring very little time, no anesthesia, no stitches, and offering a rapid recovery. With the newest laser procedures used in our practice, each frenectomy is safe and simple, resulting in improved nursing for your child. (link to Painless Laser page)

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Safe, Simple, Effective Frenectomy Procedure

At the Laser Center for Pediatric Frenectomies, we are trained and certified professionals using the safest, simplest, state-of-the-art methods to address your child’s Ankyloglossia.

We utilize the latest laser technology, including advanced specialty lasers like the LightScalpel and VersaWave. In traditional frenectomy surgery, either a scalpel or scissors are used. The tissue is snipped, and if necessary, sutures are applied. In addition, there is often the need for some kind of anesthetic.

Using our advanced specialty lasers, there is minimal bleeding, little discomfort, and no need for anesthetic. There is no recovery time, and babies can begin nursing immediately. The risk of infection, since the wound is immediately cauterized, is also greatly reduced.

The laser vaporizes or “erases” the unwanted tissue using high-energy light. The method is so precise it can actually remove only a few cells at time – so there are no worries about cutting away more than is required for a return to healthy nursing.

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